Foodie Blog

Warren Van Dam is a food blogger from San Diego, California. Since he was young, he has always shown appreciation for the local cuisine.  But instead of showing his love for food by being a chef or a baker, he chose to hone his skills in food writing instead. This has motivated him to go on a mission to try out all the restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and food trucks in San Diego.  What started as a project to try the most popular item on the menu became a lifetime task that allows him to widen his palate.  Through the years, Warren Van Dam has discovered great food and great places where people can share meals with their loved ones. He has tasted various cuisines that promise something new to diners.  Warren will feature the specialties in these establishments on his blogs and social media channels and give his honest review.

Amid today’s global health crisis, the dining-out landscape has changed, and not everyone can go out to eat as often as they would like.  Thus, foodie Warren Van Dam has taken on the challenge of trying internet-famous recipes.  While he’s not exactly an expert in the kitchen, he still knows how to hold his own. Aside from cooking these home treats, he will also review the recipes and offer ways to improve them. Even during these uncertain times, Warren continues to patronize restaurants by ordering food-to-go as a supporter of the food and beverage business in San Diego. Even if the dining set-up has changed, he can still enjoy the best food in his city.  Warren still gets his coffee from the popular roasters and his fresh batch of bread from the city’s best bakeries.  Despite the challenges, he is committed to supporting these local businesses.

For the avid foodie, what makes a meal worthwhile aside from the food itself is the company and the atmosphere.  It’s not enough for a place to serve nice-looking food.  What’s more important is its taste.  Beyond the interiors and architecture, people stay for the restaurant’s ambience. More than the décor, the music, and the table setting, it makes people feel important. This is why Warren Van Dam makes sure to bring along another person whenever he tries out new restaurants in the city. When it comes to his reviews, readers can expect engaging and fun content to encourage them to try his recommendations when they head to San Diego.