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The city of San Diego is known for its laid-back and welcoming vibe.  Local foodie, coffee lover, and food blogger Warren Van Dam says that there’s no shortage of good coffee shops in his city.

Whether people are looking for traditional, ethically sourced, or experimental brews, they will find a perfect place for them. Check out this list for the foodie’s recommendations.

Heartwork Coffee Bar

Head over to Mission Hills to find this wonderful coffee bar that serves locally-sourced coffee made in small batches.  The bar also makes pastries that are guaranteed fresh daily.  According to Warren Van Dam, what makes the place worth coming back to, aside from their menu, is its cozy and quiet ambiance.  Those who need some space and quiet will find a comfy spot in this quaint family-run coffee shop. 

Holsem Coffee

Aside from its drinks, this coffee shop is known for having well-designed stores that would look perfect on anyone’s Instagram feed.  But what will make people stay is its excellent selection of coffee and advanced techniques that makes their drinks more flavorful.  On top of this, it also serves gluten-free options for their pastries and other healthy options.  According to Warren Van Dam, coffee lovers will surely appreciate the homemade touch in the ingredients they use for their drinks and food.

Lofty Coffee Co.

Lofty Coffee Co. started as a small neighborhood shop in a surf town; now, it has four branches in the city. In less than a decade, the business has grown and now even has its own production facility where they roast its coffee and make its pastries.  It has subscription services that deliver freshly roasted coffee to cater to its patrons better.  According to Warren Van Dam, this service is perfect for those who are now switching to making their coffee at home. 

Coava Coffee Roasters

The seasonal drinks offered by this coffee shop has won the hearts of San Diego locals despite being established in Portland. Warren Van Dam particularly enjoys its wide selection of drinks and snacks.  One of the drinks people come back to is the cold brew and caramel almond latte.  For those who are into supporting sustainable establishments, Coava Coffee Roasters practice conscious sourcing practices.  The ambiance of the store makes the coffee shop experience even better. 

What makes San Diego special is their coffee shop scene. There’s truly something in the city for everyone.  Even with diverse tastes and lifestyles, many establishments serve a good cup of joe along with tasty pastries that will make any day better.