A Slice of San Diego – Where to Find the Best Pizzas in Town

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A Slice of San Diego – Where to Find the Best Pizzas in Town

August 13, 2020 food blog San Diego 0

Virtually any place in the world will always be represented by a dish, a recipe, or any worthy cuisine creation.  Truly, such a token of uniqueness is reason enough for people to flock to a specific destination.  However, there are comfort foods that any person just can’t live without, just like pizza. Warren Van Dam talks about a number of San Diego’s famous pizza places in this blog.

1. Ambrogio15

A few years ago, a group of young friends from Milan (Giacomo Pizzigoni, Andrea Burrone, and Luca Salvi) made a lot of noise in the pizza scene in San Diego because of their authentically inspired pie recipes from their own hometown.  This became Ambrogio15, which rose to fame in its casual spot in Pacific Beach, which was shortly followed by its stand at the Little Italy Food Hall.  Needless to say, this is an indication that their pizzas have become quite a hit.  Food influencer Warren Van Dam shares that the good news is that they are opening a third branch soon, and they are in collaboration with famed Michelin-starred Italian chef Silvio Salmoiraghi.

2. Il Dandy

Il Dandy is known as one of the most creative restaurants in San Diego, because its pizza has the most unique crust in town.  Il Dandy’s pizza lineup is bannered foremost by the La Nostra Margherita, with its yellow and red cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and basil.  Another unique offering that they have is the Buongustaia, whose toppings are made of pumpkin, guanciale, fresh truffle, hazelnuts and percorino.  According to Warren Van Dam, even meat lovers give these pizzas a fair chance to enter their normally partial palates.  However, if it’s a loaded meat pizza that you’re into, you can certainly look forward to a heavy serving of Rustichella, with toppings of rapini, burrata, and maialino nero sausage.

3. Biga

Interestingly enough, this pizza place is named after the very ingredient that makes its pizzas stand out.  Biga actually refers to the pizza’s mother yeast, and this restaurant is quite popular for their very delicious pizza crust, which can make a truly accurate claim to being good to eat on its own without any toppings.  Biga is also known for its wood-fired veggies and homemade pastas.  Biga’s perfectly charred pizzas are sure to captivate any pizza lover, especially as these come with a generous serving of toppings that come from Italy as well as the local farms in the area.