San Diego’s Best Food Spots by the Beach

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San Diego’s Best Food Spots by the Beach

July 7, 2020 food blog Restaurants San Diego 0

San Diego California is a famous place that draws in a lot of people from all over the country.  Most experts and influencers say that this is due to two reasons.  San Diego has great beaches and awesome food.  Food blogger Warren Van Dam talks about some of the best food spots by the beach in this corner of California.

1. Sea180 Coastal Tavern

SEA180 is pretty straightforward with its name, because diners are offered an exhilarating scene of sand and surf sprawled over a 180-degree view.  For tourists who like to enjoy their meals in the peace of a thinner crowd, this is certainly the place to be.  Even if it’s relatively located farther away in new Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach, the seafood aroma of roasted black mussels with chorizo, shrimp ceviche, and macadamia nut crusted fish will surely make the trip so worth it, Warren Van Dam guarantees.

2. Oceana Coastal Kitchen

There’s a spot located a mere stone’s throw away from Mission Bay beach, which is a haven for any environmentally conscious foodie.  Oceana Coastal Kitchen is quite known for using only fresh, sustainable ingredients in their menu.  One of its popular highlights is its 25-foot long cold bar that serves the day’s fresh catch of oysters, sushi, and shrimps, among an assortment of other specialty items.  Best-selling staples like sesame sea bass ceviche, king crab legs, and tuna carpaccio are also available mostly any day of the year.  Oceana is also the home to one of the city’s biggest spectacles, an 800-gallon aquarium that features a mesmerizing school of fluorescent tropical jellyfish.

3. Jordan (JRDN)

Warren Van Dam’s personal favorite, Jordan, otherwise referred to as JRDN, is the swanky Tower 23 Hotel’s 10,000 square foot beachfront steak and seafood restaurant that houses an interesting set of kitchen offerings that people can enjoy with the best breeze from the coast.  This place is more for the customer who’s looking forward to a round of cocktail drinks and casual conversations.  Live music and awesome ocean views make group partying a lot more fun and memorable for locals and tourists alike.  It’s no surprise that strangers become friends here at Jordan.

San Diego offers a lot of options to choose from when it comes to beachside dining.  Expect more to look forward to in an upcoming series of blogs from Warren Van Dam about the food scene in San Diego, California.