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Those who have never been to San Diego think of the city as a laid-back place where surfers and startup founders live.  While there’s a grain of truth here, people from different backgrounds and lifestyles make the city an excellent place to live.  Warren Van Dam, a food blogger from San Diego, shares some of the city’s most beloved food.

California burrito

Popular among beachgoers, California burrito is the perfect treat after hours under the sun.  The great thing about this version of the burrito is that it has become a creation different from its Mexican origin.  Though its simpler, it has become a nice type of fast food that perfect for hungry people on-the-go.  With its juicy meat, cheese, potatoes, guacamole, and sour cream, <a href=””>Warren Van Dam</a> considers the California burrito to be a great comfort food. Lucha Libre, Nico’s, and Roberto’s are some of the most popular places to get this treat.

Acai bowl

This one is for the people who want to try eating healthier.  This San Diego specialty will surely get the approval even of those who don’t consider themselves a fan of fruits and vegetables.  The acai bowl, made of acai smoothie topped with various fruits, nuts, and seeds, is a filling meal in itself. Warren Van Dam says that different stores may serve different toppings, but the famous bowl still serves up nutritious benefits despite the variety. 

Double bacon cheeseburger

Hodad’s is one of the city’s most popular places for cheeseburgers.  Their double bacon cheeseburger, according to Warren Van Dam, is worth waiting in line for.  Along with the usual serving of fries, onion rings, or shake, a meal at the famous restaurant will surely be worth it.  Though there have been many takes on the cheeseburger, the recipe from 1969 continues to be popular, especially with Hodad’s juicy and generous servings.

Korean BBQ

Many Korean restaurants in San Diego serve mouthwatering barbecue.  Whether its the marinade, the variations of side dishes, and other Korean food favorites, the people of San Diego definitely love their grilled meat.  Dining in these Korean buffet and grill restaurants is also a fun experience, especially for those who enjoy sharing great food with friends.

Fish tacos

This beach favorite has gained popularity all over the city.  Many have sworn their love for these tacos topped with cilantro, salsa, cheese, and fish wrapped in a fresh tortilla. Popular among locals, it’s an all-day treat that is good even while on-the-go.