A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Dessert in San Diego

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A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Dessert in San Diego

October 16, 2020 desserts San Diego 0

Warren Van Dam says that his home city San Diego is one of the best places for foodies.  Home to people of diverse cultures and lifestyles, it has become a place for restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and dessert shops to thrive.  According to the food blogger, going through San Diego’s culinary scene will take a long time.  So, for this list, the foodie shares his own guide to the best dessert in America’s Finest City.

Artisan donuts

What’s better than donuts?  Artisan donuts.  There are many donut shops in San Diego that are given the foodie treatment.  Instead of the usual glaze and flavors, the many donut shops in the city continue to get creative with this famous snack.  According to Warren Van Dam, some of his favorites include flavors like stuffed Oreo, acai dragon fruit, and matcha. 

Shaved ice

San Diego is known for its many beaches that locals and visitors can enjoy.  Thankfully, after a day under the sun, one can cool down with shaved ice.  There are many places in the city that serve Hawaiian-style shaved ice that’s perfect for a warm day.  From flavors like avocado, ube, Thai tea, and coffee, it will be hard to choose a favorite.  Warren Van Dam says that with the sunny weather, there will be many chances to enjoy these frozen treats. 

Rolled ice cream

One ice cream trend that many are seeing now is the rolled ice cream.  This popular food has become famous among San Diego locals because it suits the city’s creative vibe.  Warren Van Dam says that the ice cream’s “rolled” texture makes it taste even better.  It also seems to match well with different toppings and flavors.  Aside from the usual flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, one can also avail of other, rarer offerings like avocado or green tea. 

Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream is the perfect match for a beach snack.  Turning it into a sandwich will make it even better.  There are San Diego shops that make great ice cream sandwiches that are both filling and refreshing.  From using glazed donuts, waffles, cookies, and other pastries, Warren Van Dam says that the next challenge would be to choose which flavors to top these carbs with.  Of course, the ice cream in these sandwiches are also excellent.  One can get gluten-free and other alternative options for their orders. 

When in San Diego, there will always be time for dessert.  Foodies will have a grand time choosing which desserts to try after a day of exploring the wonderful city.