Going Vegan in San Diego

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Going Vegan in San Diego

September 3, 2020 San Diego vegan food 0

San Diego is always going to be a place where different people from all over the world converge to pitch in to a diversity of food.  This corner of California happens to be one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet, with virtually all cultures of the world having a complete representation.  Among famous foods like pizzas, stews, dumplings, and barbecues, even vegan dishes have also found a home in San Diego. Warren Van Dam shares some vegan food spots in this blog.

1. Kindred

For the most part, Kindred draws a lot of attention because of its façade.  Many visitors recognize it for its loud music and French gothic inspiration.  More importantly, its food offerings are fairly complete, giving customers a lot to choose from.  Among its most popular creations are seared cauliflower steak, beet risotto, and cornmeal-crusted Gardein.

2. Loving Hut

For first-timers who are daring enough to give the vegan dining experience a try, Loving Hut appears to be a safe enough option, attests Warren Van Dam.  To date, it owns the reputation of being the world’s biggest vegan restaurant chain, with more than 200 locations around the world.  In San Diego, there are two of them.  People look forward to Loving Hut specialties like Cha Cha fried rice, Lucky Lemongrass, Beyond Wild West BBQ burger, and Heavenly salad.

3. OB Garden Café

OB Garden Café is considered by many as their own personal comfort zone.  This place is actually as serious as it gets with regard to the vegan revolution.  Its vegan menu boasts sumptuous meals which include a barbecue jackfruit bowl, black bean and quinoa burger, vegan pot pie, portobello tacos, and veggie noodle dishes.  Warren Van Dam shares that the cafe has a diverse selection of drinks, from beer and wine to smoothies and coffee.  It happens to have roof deck yoga classes on Sundays, too.

4. Plumeria

It’s quite a thrill when you get to taste something that’s different in more ways than one.  In this case, Plumeria is actually a Thai restaurant billed as a vegetarian joint.  However, bulk of its menu items fall under vegan dishes here as well.  Its best sellers include drunken noodles, mock duck larb and the flower cups, a mix of tofu, veggies, and seasonings in petite flower-shaped crispy wonton cups.  According to Warren Van Dam, Plumeria is also known for serving relatively affordable meals for more people to enjoy.