Foodie Blog

Warren Van Dam is a food blogger from San Diego, California.  As a local in “America’s Finest City,” he wants to show that beyond the city’s famous beaches is a culinary adventure that’s waiting to be discovered.  Ever since he was young, the foodie has always taken an interest in food.  But instead of being a chef or a baker, he decided to show his love for good food by writing about it.  He will discuss the best restaurants, cafés, and other foodie spots in the city on his blogs and social media channels.  He will also share some must-try San Diego specials that people need to try when they’re in the area. 

Contrary to popular belief, the food in San Diego is a reflection of the diverse culture of its people.  Though most people know it mostly for Mexican foods and seafoods, the city also has a lot of dining spots that showcase cuisines from different parts of the world.  Aside from being a melting pot of cultures, the local fare also showcases the California style that makes the most out of fresh and healthy ingredients.

During these times when not a lot of people can freely dine out, Warren Van Dam still keeps up with his foodie content by trying popular recipes that became famous on the Internet.  Now that many have become home chefs and home bakers, the foodie wants to jump in the bandwagon.  Though his expertise is really in reviewing and recommending food, he wants to test these easy-to-make recipes that everyone has been trying out.  He is also into supporting local restaurants by ordering take-out whenever he can’t dine in. 

Aside from the food itself, Warren Van Dam also reviews the restaurant’s atmosphere and presentation.  For him, a meal is best enjoyed with good company and an ambience that makes a person feel at ease.  In San Diego, the restaurants, bakeries, cafés, food trucks, and other eateries showcase the city’s cozy and welcoming environment.  This makes each meal even more special. 

On this page, readers can expect reviews of well-known and up-and-coming restaurants. Warren Van Dam will also feature some of the best menu items in these places.  As a local, along with a food trip, the foodie will also share his guide to the best spots in town that not a lot of people might be familiar with.  From cozy coffee shops to food trucks, the foodie will share his recommendations with his readers.